Try 12 Amazing Camps for Free!!
Keeps your kids productive up to 6 Hours a day! 

How to Keep Your Child Happy And Engaged This Summer… Without Spending Hours Watching Netflix and YouTube!
Try 12 Life Changing Camps for FREE!  

Here is Everything You Get!

  •  Get 3 FREE Days Access to 12 Online Classes! Includes: Basketball, Tennis, Music, Dance, Soccer, AND MORE!!!
  • Get Free One on One Coaching Feedback! Our world renowned coaches will review your child's videos to ensure they are doing the lessons correctly and on the FAST Track to success!
  •  Daily Schedule and Motivation Message! Over the 3 days you will be get a daily email that includes how and when to view the video lessons, and as well as a daily motivation message to GET your child PUMPED UP and READY to be GREAT!!!

We will Educate, Entertain, and Keep Your Child Safe this Summer!

Watch to Find Out How to Get 3 FREE Days to Online Summer Camps with Pete

Hurry Get Your 3 Free Days of Summer Camp....All your Kids Can Come! Get Instant Access for a Limited Time 

Hurry Get Your 3 Free Days of Summer Camp....All your Kids Can Come!  Get instant access for a Limited Time 

Still Got Questions? Check out My FAQ's Interactive Video...


FAQ 1 Who Is Pete? 
Pete has one of the largest online tennis instruction followings in the world!

His YouTube channel has over 9 million views and 37 k Subscribers.

Over 8 thousand members have purchased his online training courses.

Ages and Skill Level?
Our camps our perfect for kids 7 to 14 years old.

And our camps will cater more towards beginner to intermediate skill levels.

As the camp grows and there is demand for more advanced training we can introduce that level as well.

How do we Access the Online Summer Camp?
For the 3 Free Days of summer camp we will be sending training links to your email inbox.

For parents and kids who sign up for additional weeks of summer camp you will get a LINK with a User and Password to log into and you get lifetime access to whatever weeks you sign up for!!!

What does each day of Summer Camp look like?
Each class you sign up for will a 7 to 15 minute video for your child to review and study.

After your child reviews and practices the lesson they can send a video in for personal coaching review at NO extra charge!!!

So each lesson should take a total of about 30 minutes! 

If your child is signed up for all 12 classes it will can keep your child busy and productive for up to 6 hours a day!!!

Remember whatever classes you sign your children up for they get LIFETIME ACCESS to those lessons!

What if I want to sign up MORE than one child for Summer Camp?
Great Question!

Good news, the online summer camp is a lot more affordable than a traditional summer camp.

For example let's say a Basketball Camp in your area cost $1000 for the entire summer and you have 5 kids.

The camp would cost you 5 X $1000= $5000

We are charging per household.

So you can get all 12 camps for the entire summer for the entire family for just one payment of $999.

Pretty Awesome right?

Can my child really improve watching online summer camp video lessons?
The answer is 1000% yes for so many reasons!

1. Visual learning is so powerful. Our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.
2. How Muscle Memory Works. Muscle Memory is a process of reorganizing and rewiring our nerves to make the brain/body connection stronger, faster and more accurate. 
When we practice a new movement over and over again, we are literally “grooving” a new neural pathway within our central nervous system.

3. Short Learning Burst Is the Best Way to Learn. Research conducted by Paul Kelley, honorary research associate at Oxford University, shows
traditional learners only remembered 78% of the material presented in the first half of an hour-long lecture, but by the second-half, they only remembered 22%. 
This suggests that shorter lectures are more effective for student recall. 
What this means for those involved in the expanding adult learning market is that shorter lessons, with frequent breaks and creative activities, are the most effective way of ensuring that learners get the most from their learning experience. 

Summer Schedule

Free Camps May 27, 28, and 29th
Week 1: June 1-5
Week 2: June 8-12
Week 3: June 15-19
Week 4: June 22-26
OFF Week: June 29-July 3
Week 5: July 6-10
Week 6: July 13-17
Week 7: 20-24
Week 8: 27-31
End of Summer!!!

Hurry Get Your 3 Free Days of Summer Camp....All your Kids Can Come! Limited Time Only
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