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Due to the popularity of Serve Tip Week , we have make Serve Tip week into a lifetime Access Course. you will have until June 26th to take advantage of this Special offer!
Serve Tip Week! ENDS June 26th AT 11:59PM!
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Serve Tip Week the Latest Serve Coaching from Peter Freeman
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Serve Tip Week 
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  Put an End to Your Serve Confusion, Frustration, and Overwhelm 

Whether you're struggling with making sense of random, inconsistent tips or trying to perfect every tiny detail in your swing...

...My Serve Tip Week will free up your mind by focusing you on the only 5 true fundamentals that every single great server in history of Tennis has in common.. 
  • Day 1 Easy Toss System Stop chasing bad tosses that lead to more serve errors.
  • Day 2 Second Serve Confidence Now is the time to develop a real second serve and eliminate double faults.
  • Day 3 Power Serve Day develop the kind of power that'll help you smoke long aces past your buddies and become the BIG SERVER in your group..
  • Day 4 Serve Accuracy Stop serving into your opponents wheelhouse and start painting corners with my serve on a dime every time Serve Accuracy training
  • Day 5 Win With Spin  My favorite training day where I show you the secrets to serving slices into the side fence and developing a Sick Kick that bounces up and out of the strike zone
  • Day 6 Correcting Serve Mistakes Tired of feeling lost in matches without a dependable serve. The great news is you can only miss a serve 3 ways! Long Wide and In the net and I show you a simple checklist system I have developed to get your serve back on track instantly.
  • 3 Bonus Coaching Reviews Don't take my generosity for granted. I have people who spend thousands of dollars from all over the world to come train with me that you are getting for FREE. This is a $225 service that I am providing simply because I REALLY REALLY want to MAKE POSITIVE change happen for you.
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