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Day 1: Perfect Practice Template...

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Day 2: Easy to Hit Tosses

Day 3: Eliminating the #1 Serve Leak with 3 No Fail Exercises

Day 4: Pronate Like the Pros

Day 5: Power Serving...Finally Hit that Triple Digit Serve!

Day 6: Serve the Curve

Day 7: The Sick Kick

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7 Day Serve Obsession Challgne

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"Pete has the best progression for teaching the Slice Serve of anyone I have ever taken a lesson from."
Stephen Davis
Totally Obsessed Tennis Player and Loving it!!!!

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DAY 1: The Perfect Serve Practice Template

I am more convinced then ever! The way you practice will have a major impact on how you play. Over the past year I have dived deep with students all across the world. 

Over and over again I see people practicing in a way that just reinforces their bad habits. Year after year you are going out with your trusty basket of balls to practice your serve and digging yourself deeper and deeper in a whole!!!
Practice does not make perfect, if you keep practicing the wrong way you are building your own tennis grave!

If you finally want a serve that is consistent, reliable in the clutch, has power and spin you need to start practicing the correct way!

Joining me for Day 1 is critical if you want to make major strides in your tennis this year.

The serve starts every point and can totally dictate a match or can make tennis a living hell!

The choice is yours. Sign up now and get the Perfect Serve Practice Template Video, Plus Download Your Serve Progress Tracker Sheet so you can see your serve reach new heights.

DAY 2: Easy To Hit Tosses

I know from personal experience one of the most frustrating and embarrassing things a tennis player can go through is to lose control of your toss!

What the heck!!!! You control every move, and it is just a basic under hand toss!!!

This should be SO easy.....but we all know it is not.

The toss is the one part of my serve game that makes me nervous.

Why ?

Because a bad toss ruins everything!!!!! 

Poor tosses create erratic hits, lose of accuracy, spin, and power!

If you are guessing when to swing or feel completely off balance because of your f$%king terrible toss join me for Day 2.

Over the years I have developed a 10 minute routine that will make your toss so simple to hit!

Plus, I am going to give you mental and physical ques you can use in a match to get rid of your serve toss yips for good!

DAY 3: Eliminating Your #1 Serve Leak with 3 No Fail Exercises

Every Serve Specialty Camp I run people are pumped up for me to show them how to "Serve the Curve" or hit the "Sick Kick".

Unfortunately, there is one major roadblock. Usually, 7 out of the 8 students are not ready to really dive deep on these two deadly serves weapons because they have a MAJOR serve leak that must be fixed first.

Later this week I want to teach you how to hit a nasty slice serve and kick serve.

But I can't do that with you unless we eliminate your #1 serve leak first.

Trust me unless you are a 4.5 plus player I can almost guarantee you have the #1 Serve Leak that keeps you from developing the serve of your dreams.

So this week I am here to make your serve dreams come true.

Sign up Now for the 7 Day Serve Challenge and trade in your hack attack serve for a REAL serve you can be proud of!

DAY 4: Pronate Like the Pros

Once we fix your #1 Serve Leak you will finally be able to pronate like the pros. 

Here is a Big Secret you may or may not know.

The pros don't pronate the same exact way on every serve.

It all depends on how hard they want to hit the ball, how much spin, and what type of spin they want to place on the ball.

In slow motion it may look the same every time but to the pros hitting the serve it feels very different.

In many ways how you pronate really determines how hard you hit the serve!

I saw one pro on television call out the exact pace they were going to hit their serve.

The first serve she called out 80 mph and guess what? She hit the ball 80 mph just like she said she would.

Then she called out 90 mph and like a magic trick the ball went 90 mph on the nose!

Then 100 mph!!!

How did she do it?

Because the pros are masters of variety. They don't have 1 or 2 serves but in many ways they have infinite serve options.

A Big Part of this is determine by how they go about their pronation.

It might sound complicated or intimidating but it is not trust me.

And it is essential we go over this 

Sign up Now for the 7 Day Serve Challenge so you to prepare for Power Serving Day!

DAY 5: Power House Serving...Finally Hit Triple Digits!!!

How awesome would it be to hit a serve over 100 mph!

Now of course I can't guarantee all you will be able to do this after our training session together but some of you will for sure!

And all of you will have SO many power moves to work on!

This is going to be so exciting.

I actually think teaching people how to hit harder serves is SUPER EASY.

There are so many untapped power sources you are NOT using in your body.

All you gotta do is turn on one and BOOM you are easily adding 5 to 15 mph to your serve.

That is NO joke I have seen it happen right in front of my eyes countless times!!!

And it is an aderniline rush for both coach and student.

I can't wait to show your a DOZEN power secrets I have picked up over the years

I promise 1 or more is going to work for you.

If you want to know what it feels like to Finally have a BIG Boy or Girl serve you can't miss this training session.

DAY 6: Serve the Curve

Day 6 is HUGE!

I believe a killer slice serve is the "Biggest Serve Weapon" you can Easily develop.

It does not matter your age, height, or skill level you can own this serve and it completely changes you as a player!

You will be sought after to play on every team at your club.

True story this happened to me yesterday.

I was playing doubles with another Teaching Pro friend named Chris, against some of his teammates at the Club.

I left after the match and my partner stayed behind with our opponents.

Today my friend Chris said after I they were asking all kinds of questions and wanted me on the team because of my Slice Serve.

He told me to "expect a call".

The slice serve can completely dominate a match in doubles.

It creates tons of FREE points because your opponents will keep pulling the ball wide.

And gives your partner TONS of easy put away volleys.

I barely had to volley the entire match because it is very hard to hit a good slice serve past the net person and solidly cross court.

This makes holding serve ALMOST a joke!

What is lucky for you is I now think I am getting better at teaching the slice serve then I am at hitting it!

I have NEW never seen before progressions that will have you slicing the serve right after your first practice!!!!

DAY 7: The Sick Kick

By far the most confusing and requested serve in tennis.

At every camp I run there are a handful of people asking me, "When can you show me the kick serve? I really want to get it."

I had one gentleman in Texas named Steve hound me the entire weekend.

He had an excellent serve actually, it was by far the best at the camp.

Steve had the heater and learned to Serve the Curve the year before at my Newcombe Ranch Consistency Camp. 

The only thing missing to make his serve the complete package was the Sick Kick.

His first couple of attempts were really bad.

No bite and No Kick.

Like most students, his Kick Serve was actually more of a weak slice.

Then I took him through this one progression I am going to share with you and just like Magic the Sick Kick appeared!

The next think to appear was a BIG smile on his face.

He finally could feel the elusive kick and knew exactly what he needed to work on to complete his serve arsenal!

Ready to Get Started? 

If you are NOT excited to jump in by now you either have an amazing Serve like Federer or you have NO burning desire to improve!

For all the Rest of you Totally Obsessed Tennis Players Come ON!!! 
Let's do this and make 2020 our BEST serving year ever!

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